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Stone Creations, Inc. is a trusted name in the commercial and residential concrete resurfacing industry. 

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​​​We will transform your ugly, cracked and stained concrete with natural stone.

Resurface with beautiful Pebble Stones.  Resurfacing with Stone Creations, Inc. is your most cost effective and beautiful solution.

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Fast and affordable, our river rock and epoxy flooring transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

No mess, no breaking up the concrete in the yard and hauling away, which can cost ten's of thousands of dollars! This service is a beautiful way to cover your current concrete and bricks while saving you thousands of dollars.  Pamela Johanson, Mission Viejo

Our concrete in the back yard was cracked, chipped and stained. In 48 hours my backyard looks like a resort. Michael Cook, Van Nuys

stone creations, inc

10 Year Warranty | Repair/Beautify Existing Surface | Cleaning & Resealing of Existing job

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Providing over 41 Years of Outstanding Service

Call today for a Free Estimate 1.800.321.0725


What our customers love about Stone Creations, Inc.

Established in 1983, Stone Creations, Inc. has been providing a cost effective, decorative and alternative way to cover your undesirable concrete with natural river rock (Some refer to as Pebble Stones) and epoxy. Our product is ideal for both indoor and outdoor flooring as well as for commercial and residential uses.

Benefits of natural river rock (Pebbles) and epoxy:

• Extremely durable for high traffic areas
• Stain resistant
• Non-allergenic
• Cooler to walk on than concrete, tile or brick
• Excellent traction
• Eliminates standing water

Because river rock and epoxy flooring is designed to be porous, dirt and liquids fall away from the surface and are not visible. Dirt, small debris and liquids simply hide beneath the surface until they are easily cleaned and removed with a wet or dry vacuum or power washed at a later time.

Call (909) 947-5352 today if you want to restore concrete surfaces with a rock surface. Our services work virtually anywhere, including driveways, pool decks, patios, and showrooms. If you would like to receive a free estimate please click here.